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Ellen Page gets her ass drilled

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

Sure, Ellen Page might have made the world believe she’s not into men and that she actually drools over someone else’s smooth shaven cunt but this leaked sex tape of hers will prove otherwise. Well, maybe she just enjoys the best of both worlds and we are simply being envious and you be the judge in this hardcore anal fuck session if she’s just made for naughty lil princesses like herself or she could ride both mounts and take pleasure effortlessly.

Hot and wild Ellen Page enjoys getting banged in her tight bunghole

She broke a ton of male hearts and gave heartbroken females hope the moment she blurted out the words I love pussy but she sure did have one hell of a time sucking and fucking a hard cock and even having this horny dude’s dick inside her tight ass too. One thing that she can’t get from another lady, that’s for sure. A strap-on dildo won’t even come close to the pleasure a real dick gives her that’s why she’s enjoying this moment before coming out of the closet and reveal that she’d eat a twat any day instead of grow tired sucking dicks and giving silly handjobs.

Ellen Page Posing Nude

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Ellen Page is one of Hollywood’s most talented thespians at the moment, a cute girl who’s been an X-Man and the award-winning Juno.  Now she’s about to tackle the most challenging role of her career and that’s an unnamed nude role that would have Ellen taking it all off for the cameras!  Now that’s something we’ve been waiting for from this petite actress, and as these pictures show, she’s doing fine with handling the nudity.

Her nubile body just mesmerizes you as you stare at her tight, perky boobies and her sweet, shaved cunt.  Don’t worry, despite being cast as a teenage dream in her roles, this lady is definitely legal.  You can fantasize about her all you want and you don’t have to worry about the police knocking down your door!  And there’s a lot to fantasize about in this lusty cutie.  After a role like this, there’s no telling what sort of dirty movies she’ll do next, and we’re going to line up for every single one of them.

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One hot set of lesbian pictures of Ellen Page uncovered

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

There has been rumors circulating that Ellen Page is said to be gay and there was this photo circulating in cyberspace wherein she is seen getting a bit cozy with this brunette pal and the buzz is that the girl in the photo is her rumored lover which created a big buzz in Hollywood. And if you got to see Ellen do a skit when she hosted Saturday Night Live a few months ago, people couldn’t help but wonder if she is truly unraveling herself and telling the world about her true sexuality. No matter how we perceive Ellen whether she’s a lesbian or not, we definitely could vouch for the truth behind the rumors as we give you some of these revealing images of her getting lezzy with some of her gal pals in this exclusive photo set that will set the record straight.

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Ellen Page’s secret nude pictures revealed

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

You loved Ellen Page as the charming and independent teen who struggles to cope with her unwanted pregnancy in the movie Juno or you were moved by her haunting performance as a lost and tormented girl looking for her brother in The Tracey Fragments. But you will definitely love Ellen even more once you get to see our collection of nude pictures that has never before seen and you get the chance to see Juno in all of her naked glory as she flaunts herself in front of the camera in all sorts of provocative poses.

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